Ungheni shock: 2-year-old baby, forgotten in minibus

An unimaginable situation shocked people in Pârliţa village, Ungheni district. A baby girl was left in the minibus for 7 hours without water or food. 

The child was forgotten by the minibus driver with whom the baby and other kids were sent to their kindergarten. 

The minibus was operated by local authorities due to great distance to kindergarten. 

"I never think such situation will happen", said the child's mother, Domnina Godea.

The mother retells that she has sent her child to the kindergarten in the morning and picked her up in the evening for 4 months. 

However, she noticed something irregular with her child on Monday evening. 

"I took the girl out of minibus and the driver told me that he gave the child something, that's all. He gave her a piece of salami", said Domnina Godea, the child's mother. 

Then she called the teacher to clarify everything. 

"The teacher told me that the driver had forgotten the child in the bus, locked her and found her in the evening. She could have been asleep there", Domnina Godea continued. 

"Two educators met all the children but could not see my little girl. When the girl was found, she was weeping, hungry, dirty," said Vera Botnari, educator.

Both the employees of the pre-school and the local public authorities blame the parents. 

"We are not responsible for this thing. We only help the children clime down, to join the group,"said Vera Botnari.

After this case, the driver resigned on Tuesday morning and the minibus was stopped until the parents find the way to supervise their children during the way to preschool. 

Otherwise, minibus travel will not be resumed.

The case has stunned the entire town:

"Every day I take my child to kindergarten, I take him by the hand, I never leave her alone".

"If the child is so small, the parent must accompany him even if he is on the road".

The head of the Social Assistance Directorate in Ungheni district, Tudor Rădeanu, said he would be observe this situation.

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