Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipe will be ready for use by winter 2018

Romanian Minister of Economy, Gheorghe Șimon declared that Ungheni-Chișinău gas pipe will be ready for usage by the end of 2018, during a meeting with Deputy Minister of Economy of Moldova, Octavian Calmîc.

Gheorghe Șimon announced that Transgaz SA is opening a branch in Moldova in order to speed up the process. The two officials have also agreed to sign a common request for the European Union, asking for 10 million euro for the pipe's construction.

Octavian Calmîc and Gheorghe Șimon have also spoken regarding connecting Moldova's and Romania's electrical networks. The initial investment for this project is estimated to be 300 million euro, 40 of which are a grant.

The two ministers have discussed bilateral relations between Moldova and Romania. Gheorghe Șimon assuring that his country will continue supporting ours. In his turn, Octavian Calmîc offered his gratitude in the Government's name for the financial assistance Romania offered Moldova.


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