Unexpected searches conducted in section of prepared foods in supermarkets in Capital

Daily, thousands of Moldovans wait in line in supermarkets for food. Some of them buy food because they do not have the time or mood to prepare it. One thing is certain, they all put their health at risk.

The inspectors from the Agency for Consumer Protection along with the team "Moldova, great country" went to conduct searches unexpectedly in several supermarkets in the capital.

After receiving several complaints about the quality of meals sold in this cooking, APC inspectors raided the store enrolling cuisine culinary goodies.

The inspectors have found perished fish in the freezer with vegetables, expired sausages in bags etc. 

The people responsible have assured inspectors that the food would have been thrown to trash, but they could not show this in documents. The peak was the bowl full of cooked beans in the section of raw meat.

Although the law requires them to wear protective gloves, cooks do not, even when they have injured fingers.

Similar irregularities were detected in two other supermarkets in the capital. Inspectors have found products kept in inadequate and poor state or perished. Currently, 8 supermarkets with a large network are in the Capital and they manages over 200 stores. Most of them have gastronomy sections.

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