UNDP will continue aiding Republic of Moldova's development and modernization

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has met, at New York, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Achim Steiner and the two have discussed the projects Republic of Moldova has managed to implement thanks to United Nations Development Program, as well as the possibilities for strengthening their collaboration.

Prime Minister has shown his appreciation toward UN for its help in the process of Republic of Moldova's modernization, mentioning their help in development, as well as their assistance in analyzing the National Development Strategy „Moldova 2020”.

On this topic, Prime Minister has expressed his gratitude toward the official for his aid in achieving long-term development objectives for the whole country, within the next "Moldova 2030" strategy.

The official has also requested approval for the new 2018-2022 project, made after a long discussion and based on the main points for developing Moldova: "We will continue to strengthen the relations based on trust, in order to ensure that the programs are implemented more efficiently" Pavel Filip declared.

In his turn, the high official has stated that there will always be opening for collaboration and support in developing and modernizing Republic of Moldova.

Pavel Filip and Achim Steiner have agreed upon strengthening the relations between Republic of Moldova and United Nations Development Program in order to create successful and long-lasting results.

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