Unannounced controls to construction sites of road repairs identified irregularities

Unannounced controls to construction sites of repairs and road construction works have occurred after indications given by Economy Minister Chiril Gaburici 

During the inspections in Novosiolovca, Taraclia district, several irregularities were found regarding repair works.

The contractor was warned and forced to remove the poor quality asphalt and to carry out the repair work according to the established technical requirements.

The road section will not be put into operation until the quality of the works are repeatedly checked by the State Road Administration Laboratory.

So far, about 340 km of roads have been repaired within the framework of the Good Roads for Moldova program, which represents 25% of the planned works. Another 215 km are in work. By the end of the year more than 1,350 km of roads will be repaired in all localities.

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