UN singles out Moldova as country worth discovering, new data say

United Nations have named Moldova in the list of world's least-visited country worth discovering for our diversities of wine and impressive viniculture. 

The future tourists who want to come to Moldova are strongly recommended to learn "noroc",  that's cheers, before tasting the local wine. 

According to CNN, wine has been made in Moldova for at least 5,000 years. "While many western wine drinkers are unfamiliar with Moldovan vintages, the tiny Eastern European country is a heavy hitter, and. Using a blend of Caucasian, European and local grapes, Moldovan vintners bottle everything from dry, velvety reds to dessert-friendly ice wines", writes CNN.

Tuvalu is another country listed by UN. It is a Polynesian island country located in the Pacific Ocean, situated in Oceania, about midway between Hawaii and Australia. 

UN also mentioned Liechtenstein which is a doubly landlocked German- speaking microstate in  Alpine Central Europe.


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