Ukrainian spies learn Russia would ready for nuclear war

Russian Strategic Missile Forces (RSMF) exercise to carry out tasks during a full-scale war, Ukrainian intelligence reports. They train to use nuclear weapons and new armaments, including automatic command systems. The drills last from 19 to 22 of September.

In two weeks, Russian army plans one more exercise. During October 4-11, RSMF is going to conduct strategic command-drill exercises with ground, air and sea components of a nuclear triad. 

Russia has just finished large-scale war games, called Caucasus 2016, with 12,500 troops taking part. Black and Caspian sea fleet took part in the exercises. They followed the massive relocation of Russian troops in August. As part of the Caucasus 2016 military drills, Moscow has amassed 41,600 soldiers near the Ukrainian border. The drills finished on September 10.

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