Ukrainian journalist: ACUM allied with one of the most dangerous political forces for the Republic of Moldova

Opposition forces that said that they won't sign any collaboration agreement with Socialist Party or Democratic Party who broke their promises and allied with one of the most dangerous political forces for the Republic of Moldova. The declaration was made by the Ukrainian publicist and journalist, Vitali Portnikov, in an interview for Europa Libera.

'I want to remind about the main promise of ACUM, that was to avoid the alliance with any pro-Russian and pro-oligarchic forces', underlined the journalist.

'Russian federation is the occupant of the Republic of Moldova.

Kozak is the author of the plan that implies the Russian control over the Transnistrean forces. The opposition forces that affirmed the fact of not giving their signature for collaboration agreement with Socialists or Democrats, broke their promises in front of their voters and allied with one of the most dangerous political forces for the Republic of Moldova.
'The main purpose of the citizens is to not allow the disassembly of Moldova. We all have seen the video recordings in which also Kozak and Dodon don't hide their intentions upon the Moldova's sovereignty. From a captured state, Moldova can become in a few months a disassembled one', pointed out Protnikov.

The journalist also underlined the fac that when you compromise with those who get into doubts the sovereignty of Moldova, there is always a chance for chaos.
'Politics are the art of compromising with the forces that don't fight against their own state. In 2010-2014, we also had politicians that went to compromise with Ianukovich. They were saying that without the compromise it's impossible to build a state. These politicians weren't in small numbers, but after 2014 they disappeared from the political scene because they lost the citizen's trust. Their promptness to get to a compromise with pro-Russian forces from society and also with Moscow resulted in hundreds of corpses in the Independence Plaza in Kiev, known as Maidan, and launching a war between Russian and Ukraine. I assure you that any anti-statehood compromise result in blood-wasting and territory losing. Indifferent from the noble intentions of those who explain why they made such a compromise', concluded Vitali Portnikov.
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