Ukrainian citizen prosecuted for smuggling illegal pesticides in Moldova

An Ukrainian citizen faces a criminal case for attempt to introduce 94 liters of pesticides into the Republic of Moldova. The incident was recorded at the Grimăncăuţi crossing point in the AXE III operation.

Volkswagen Golf came to the control line, led by a Ukrainian citizen. 

During the inspection, the 49-year-old man said that the purpose of his visit to Moldova was personal and had nothing to declare. 

Subsequently, the border guards together with the Customs Service employees discovered 21 bottles of 4.5 liters each filled with chemical solution for the processing and cultivating the ground. They were hidden under the back of the car and in the spare seat.

Those found have been lifted in accordance with the legal procedure and the case is to be examined together with the Customs Service in all its aspects for establishing all the circumstances.

The person will be prosecuted for smuggling.

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