Ukrainian blogger exposes criminal schemes done by number one raider of CIS, Veaceslav Platon

On the internet have appeared disclosures of criminal schemes of number one raider of CIS, Veaceslav Platon. The Ukrainian blogger Vitali Kovaliov writes about the involvement of Platon in fraud schemes through which were taken tens of billions of dollars from Russia. Kovaliov also writes about the involvement of the controversial businessman in the bankruptcy of a monopolist nuclear factory in Ukraine, and the way Platon had revenge on a judge which did not issue a decision in his favor.

 One of the biggest scandals linked to Veaceslav Platon started in 2014. From Russia were taken from 18 to 46 billions of dollars, a part of it being budget money, through various fraudulent schemes. The illegal transactions were done through Moldovan banks, including those controlled by the members of Russian criminal gang “Solntevscaia” (Sontevscaia).

According to the Ukrainian blogger, in order to hide these transactions, in schemes was involved not only Veaceslav Platon, but also the leader of “Our Party” Formation, Renato Usatai. The mayor of Balti was supposedly controlling the “project” in the period when he was councilor of the former prime minister Vlad Filat.

The blogger also gives reference to information from Ukrainian media, according to which Platon was sponsoring the separatists from Donbass. Moreover, the author of the article claims that the businessman is also the unofficial sponsor of “Our Party” Formation and Socialist Party.

According to the blogger, in 2013 Veaceslav Platon has got into a conflict with the judge Nicolae Clima, who did not support the request of a Ukrainian company to draw out from the City Hall accounts approximately 2 million dollars. Then, at Platon’s initiative, in the city appeared billboards with the inscription “Most corrupt judges in Moldova”, where the photo of magistrate Nicolae Clima also appeared. Later, also at Platon’s directions, the judge was accused of hitting a pedestrian. The blogger also says that the accident was staged. The General Prosecutor’s Office has started at that time a penal case on bullying a judge regarding his professional activity.

Vitali Kovaliov also wrote on his blog regarding overtaking by Platon of an important bank in Moldova. In 2011, some shareholders from Slovenia and Holland have lost their shares owned at the bank institution. The author also makes reference to the fact that Platon is involved in the bankruptcy of Ukrainian company “Energoatom”.

The name of Veaceslav Platon is linked not only to financial scandals. The dramatist Dumitru Crudu has published an editorial in which he tells how the controversial businessman has destroyed the family of a friend of his. According to Crudu, Platon has convinced the fiancée of this man to leave him in the wedding day, afterwards having a relationship. As a result, the friend of Crudu started to get drunk and could not return to a normal life, writes the dramatist, who also claims that he will never forgive Veaceslav Platon for this.

Platon was detained on 25 July 2016 in Kiev, right after the Moldovan authorities’ announcement on his international search. Veaceslav Platon is accused of complicity in embezzlement of Banca de Economii. According to the investigation, five companies controlled by Veaceslav Platon received loans of hundreds of millions of dollars. The money were taken outside the country through off-shore companies.

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