Ukraine WILL modify Education Law

Minister of Education from Kiev announced that the Education Law in Ukraine will be modified, after a meeting between Minister Lilia Grinevici and Lithuanian Ambassador, Iuris Pokains.

The two discussed about schools for minorities, where 60% of subjects are taught in the state's language, while 40% in their mother language.

Authorities from Kiev wish to use this method in schools for minorities from Ukraine, but with a different approach for each group.

The new law states that by 2020, all schools teaching in a different language from the official one will be closed.

Authorities from Ukraine claim the reason to be the fact that many citizens don't know or cannot properly speak in Ukrainian.

This decision was harshly criticized by Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece.

The new law affects over 400 thousand citizens with Romanian heritage, 150 thousand citizens with Hungarian heritage, living in Ukraine.

 A few days ago, Minister of Education from Moldova, Monica Babuc, went to Kiev to discuss the issue in details. 

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