Ukraine WILL BUILD power plants on Dniester, assures Moldova of sharing environment information

A Moldovan-Ukrainian committee will consider and utter its position as to the efficiency of
Kyiv’s project to build six power plants on the Dniester River. Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip has made this statement after meeting his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Hroysman.

The Cabinet chief from Moldova says he will also invite European experts to analyse the plants’ impact on the Dniester’s ecosystem, saying the authorities from both countries are responsible for the Dniester’s environment problem.

"We all must be absolutely conscious that the Dniester is an important water resource both for Odesa and Chișinău, and other localities from Ukraine and Moldova. A joint committee will analyze the issue and we’ll address our colleagues from the European Union to help us out."

Volodymyr Hroysman says Ukraine is not going to give up the project, but assures the Moldovan authorities all the ecological standards will be met: "Our company Ukrkhidroenergo and the Environment Ministry will cooperate with our Moldovan partners and we’ll inform them permanently on what we’re going to undertake and what environment impact they will have."

The two officials have also broached the joint customs points, as the first one will open this year Cuciurgan-Pervomaysk.

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