Ukraine was the apple of discord at NATO-Russia summit

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says Ukraine was "the first item" on the agenda of the NATO-Russia Council meeting held at the Ambassadorial level Wednesday.

"Ukraine was the first item on our agenda. And this is important because Russia's actions in Ukraine have undermined Euro-Atlantic security. Allies and Russia have profound and persistent disagreements on the crisis. There was not a meeting of minds today. But it was an opportunity to clarify our positions and to exchange views on the crisis in Ukraine," said Stoltenberg.

According to the secretary general, the Allies expressed the views that they earlier set out at the Warsaw Summit.

"NATO Allies do not and will not recognize Russia's illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea. We should all work towards the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine by diplomatic and peaceful means. Doing this would allow Ukraine to develop free from violent outside interference," he said.

Military activities, transparency, and risk reduction were also discussed, according to Stoltenberg.

Russia also raised a proposal on air safety in the Baltic Sea. Afghanistan issues were also addressed. Stoltenberg has told the reporters that the format and date of the next meeting of the NATO-Russia Council have not yet been determined, Ukraine Today reports.

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