Ukraine's military training started, 57 Moldovan soldiers to participate

Military training has begun at Center for International Peace Maintaining "Iavorov" in western Ukraine. Over 12.500 soldiers, form 15 countries, including Moldova, are participating. Moldova's army, sent 57 Moldovan soldiers annually at the "Rapid Trident" training course, since 1996.

"By participating in such international training we strengthen our collaboration with other countries, prepare our army for peace maintaining missions and increase their skills."

Soldiers from Ukrainian army believe such exercises improves their own abilities.

"The tasks become more and more difficult. Each year increases not only the numbers of participants, but exercises as well. We hope to not only demonstrate our own skills, but also trade experience with our partners and friends."

Training in Ukraine begun only a few days before Russia's and Belarus own program "Zapad 2017". While Moscow claims that 12.700 soldiers will participate, specialists from NATO believe those numbers to reach hundreds of thousands.  

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