Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia will meet in Chisinau to discuss about regional security

President of Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu declared that Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia will meet on 2 March at Chisinau to speak regarding ongoing concerns about Russian influence, as all three countries wish to come closer to European Union. 

"I will speak about organizing an international conference in Chisinau, which will be held next week, on 2 March. The conference is organized for parliament speakers of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, with the support of the prestigious international organization NATO.

We await for 12 international delegation to participate at the conference, including presidents of parliaments, as well as deputy presidents of partner countries from Eastern, Central and Northern Europe. We expect President of Parliament from: Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia, as well as deputy president from more states, namely: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc. We also expect a group of international specialists from USA, Europe and Member of the European Parliament.

On 2 March, the conference will be organized in Chisinau and we will discuss the subjects linked to regional security of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. Those three countries are facing the same challenges in terms of frozen conflicts, territorial integrity, energy security, misinformation and propaganda, because all three states are currently at the same stage in the process of European integration based on EU Association Agreement and no longer need visas to enter the Schengen Area.

Those challenges we also encounter in reforms and here I hope we will have an interesting discussions here in Chisinau, regarding all that frozen conflicts and territorial integrity means, especially since Republic of Moldova is once again drawing international attention upon itself by organizing this event.

More details will be offered starting today, on the web page created especially for this event, where all information will be presented, including an informational agenda being created, regarding the events and speakers" President of Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu said.

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