Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to tighten cooperation within EURONEST

Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia will set up a working group within the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly to tackle issues related to their association deals with the EU. 

The decision was taken yesterday at a reunion in Chișinău. According to the chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly, Marian Lupu, the group with strengthen the three countries’ efforts to get closer to the EU.

"This is certainly bring more efficiency in our dialogue with the European Union in terms of implementing the provisions of the association agreement," Marian Lupu said.

The co-chair of the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly, Rebecca Harms,  said the reunion had efficient discussions referring to promoting European reforms within the Eastern Partnership countries.

"I felt welcome as in all my previous visits and I thank Mr. Lupu and the Moldovan colleagues for this pro-European attitude," Rebecca Harms said. 

The two officials also talked about overcoming the impact of the economic crisis, youth unemployment and energy sector. The debates were attended by deputations from the Parliaments of the EU, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine.

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