U.S Dayton Friendship ambassadors presented gratitude letter to Republic of Moldova

Sixteen Ambassadors of Friendship Dayton, Ohio (U.S) visited the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova yesterday and talked with speaker Andrian Candu.
The Speaker of the Parliament spoke about the legislative process of our country, about the history of parliamentarism, answered many questions and gave them symbolic souvenirs.
In turn, the guests submitted to the Legislature Chief a thank you letter to the Republic of Moldova and signed by the US Congress member Michael R. Turner for involvement and participation in the Friendship Force Programs.
The 16 Ambassadors of Friendship visit Moldova under the Friendship Force Program Chisinau, implemented by the Creative Development Association. The purpose of the program is to promote understanding, cultural education and citizenship diplomacy through homestay travel (stay in the home of the hosts) and personal friendships.
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