Two suspects in beating 30-year-old man dead, arrested

Police arrested two suspects in case that a 30-year-old man died on a hospital bed after being beaten in a nightclub.

One of the suspects is a 25-year-old K-1 fighter who is being heard by police.

Today, prosecutors will request a 30-day preventive arrest warrant for the first suspect.

According to the police, in this case three criminal penal causes were opened: for hooliganism, the serious and average death of bodily integrity, resulting in death.

If found guilty, suspects risk up to 15 years in prison.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds us that the incident happened a few days ago. Relatives told the police that the victim was with a friend when he noticed a young man trying to touch a girl in a rough way. Thus, the two would have told the individual to leave her alone.

Disturbed, the suspect would have punched them. The victim suffered several serious injuries and was hospitalized in a coma. Five days later, he died on the hospital bed.



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