Two policemen detained for enabling bribery in Rascani

Two police officers from the Riscani Police Inspectorate were detained last night by the NDC DGT North Officers and prosecutors, suspected of passive corruption. He promised to help a man in domestic violence for exchange of 3000 lei. 

According to the whistle-blower's statements, the Head of post and the district officer might claim money from him, in order not to document and punish him for abusive behavior towards his wife.

The legal people promised the man he would be released, being absolved of any punishment.
Then the man realized he had no money for police, he addressed the CNA. Soon a control was carried out, based on criminal investigation.
The police were caught in flagrant offense while receiving 3000 lei under the anti-corruption officers's control. 
The two are detained for 72 hours. If found guilty they risk up to 10 years of jail.
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