Two observers from Exams Center may go to jail, suspected of influence peddling

Two observers from the BAC center from “Elena Alistar” Highschool from Chisinau risk spending next years in jail. They are suspected of influence peddling.

According to information received, observers from BAC committee have told some students that they have influence on Center’s decision makers and can facilitate the exam taking, by providing earphones, through which they will receive answers for the exams.

The same observers proposed other way of passing the exams. They recommended another competent person to take the exam instead of the student, faking the id of the student.

CAN officers have established that the observers asked for 2700 euro from two students in order to ensure their successful passing of the exams. The money delivery was done under the control of CAN, and today, during the research, the mentioned amount was found and taken from the observers’ offices and houses. Now the searches are continued at the houses of the two observers, those two having to be escorted to CNA for hearings as suspects.

On this case was initiated a penal cause based on article 326 Penal Code – Influence peddling. If found guilty, the suspects may receive up to 6 years of jail.

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