Two men detained for owning false documents at Sculeni customs

Boarder Police from "Sculeni" have detained individuals in possession of a fake driver licence and a fake Romanian ID.

Two citizens of the Republic of Moldova wished to use the documents in order to find legal jobs in France.

Also in ”Sculeni”, at the end of last week, in a bus going "Moldova- France". Boarder police noticed two travelers that acted nervous and decided to investigate the cause.

As a result, a 26-year-old resident from Lopățica village, Cahul district, was found to be in the possession of a fake driving licence, hidden in his hip bag.

They also found in the pockets of a second, 24-year-old young man, resident of Coșnița village, Dubăsari district, a Romanian ID, proving to be falsificated.

In both cases the documents were confiscated and sent for forensic investigation. Cases of owning and using false documents begun, according to article 361, line 1st of the Constitution of Republic of Moldova.

The men were allowed afterwards to pass the boarders.

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