Turkish national arrested at Chisinau airport due to false Iraqi passport, has to face court

The Turkish citizen who was arrested two weeks ago at Chisinau International Airport due to using false Iraqi passport, will have to appear in court. 

The Prosecutor's Office of Chisinau completed the criminal investigation and sent the criminal case to prosecute him, the defendant is being kept in custody.

 On September 5, 2017, with the intention of embarking on Chisinau - Erbil TTCMKA air strike from Chisinau International Airport, the defendant presented a false Iraqi passport.

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According to INTERPOL, the 21-year-old defendant is in the international search for a murder in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

It was also found that the Iraqi passport presented to the Border Police by the defendant appears to have been stolen in 2014 in the NINEWA province of Iraq, under the control of the ISIS terrorist organization.

The offender risks a fine ranging from 550 to 950 conventional units (27,500 lei till 47,500 lei) or community service from 180 to 240 hours or a imprisonment of up to 5 years.

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