Turkish criminal, jailed by Moldova and issued world search warrant, attempted to leave Moldova with fake acts

A Turkish national, who recently emerged from Moldovan prison and was issued the world wide warrant search for murder, attempted to leave Moldova with false documents by charter flight.

His criminal plans, nevertheless, were put out by border police. Now the offender risks being extradited to the Turkish authorities.

It all happened on September 5 in the air-conditioning VIP room. According to border guards, the 21-year-old suspect, who was planning to leave to Iraq, was visibly agitated. He approached the counter and hurriedly passed his passport in control, although a private plane waited for him.

"He aroused my suspicions, especially the destination country, his behavior," said IGPF inspector Nina Sidorco.

The legal people conducted thorough checks and detected his counterfeit passport. The foreigner was detained for 72 hours and placed in the preventive detention facility, where all tricks were uncovered. 

"He bites his fingers," says Vitalie Briceag, head of UPG's Directorate of IGPF.

The head of the Border Police General Inspectorate, Fredolin Lecari, states that he has managed to establish his real identity.

"He is a Turkish citizen who is being searched for and is being sought by the authorities in Turkey for committing a murder in 2015," added Vitalie Briceag, head of UPG's PGI Directorate.

"This case has happened for the first time in Moldova. Border police officers responded very promptly to this situation due to a collaboration with all the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chisinau Prosecutor's Office and our colleagues from abroad, especially the FBI, "said Fredolin Lecari, head of the IGPF.

Meanwhile, the court dictated 30 days of arrest on the Turkish citizen.

"We will follow up with our colleagues in the Prosecutor's Office to see the legal qualification of the deed, and then the decision will be made for further extradition to Turkey," added Fredolin Lecari, head of the IGPF.

It is not yet known how the individual managed to flee Turkey in 2015 after he had fatally stabbed a man in a shopping center. In the same year, the alleged criminal attempted to enter the Republic of Moldova with another fake passport.

Then he was caught by border guards, to whom he proposed a five-thousand-dollar squat to close his eyes. The CNA He detained him and he was sentenced to two years in jail. 

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