Turkish citizen and his wife detained by CNA for influence peddling

A Turkish citizen and his wife, as well as a lawyer, were detained for 72 hours by CNA officers and anti-corruption prosecutors. They are being investigated for influence peddling.

According to the investigation, the suspects would have negotiated with the relatives of a Turkish defendant, detained in the penitentiary, covering up a criminal case, starting with the fact that illegal migration was organized. They would have promised that they could influence the claimant to impose a non-deprivation of liberty on the defendant.

The amount from which the negotiations started was 20,000 euros, after which it was agreed at 11,000 euros. For this sum, the suspects promised the release of the detainee and a milder punishment for organizing illegal migration.

On Wednesday afternoon, the defendant's lawyer received 11,000 euros, transferred under the control of the CNA and the anti-corruption prosecutors. The person was trapped, his accomplices being detained concurrently.

If they are found guilty, the suspects risk up to seven years of jail or a fine of up to 300,000 lei.


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