Turkey will offer support to Moldova in verification of medical devices  

Turkish Standardization Institute (IST) will support the Moldovan authorities in creating a laboratory for the verification of medical devices.

The president of IST, Sebahittin Korkmaz, declared today during a meeting with the deputy prime minister, minister of Economy, Octavian Calmic held in Chisinau.

According to the president of IST, such a laboratory will facilitate both: the provision of qualitative health services to citizens and the supply of medical institutions with modern equipment.

In this respect, Sebahittin Korkmaz, mentioned that the institution he leads is ready to support the realization of this project on all dimensions, inclusively the direct investments.

The president of the Turkish Institute for Standardization  has informed the deputy prime minister, Octavian Calmac that in the second quarter of this year in Chisinau will be held the XXVI meeting of the General Assembly of Interregional Association for Standardization (IRSA). During the discussion, Sebahittin Korkmaz praised the efforts of the Moldovan authorities on reforming the national system of standardization and metrology in comply with international requirements, noting that international practice has shown that the lack of a modern system in this area hinders the economic development of any country, turning it into inefficient and regressive.

In his turn, deputy prime minister, Octavian Calmac appreciated the interest shown by Turkey Standardization Institute in establishing relationships with institutions from Moldova, as well as through implementation of investment projects and others in this field.

"The today meeting is a continuation of our dialogue started in December 2016 in Istanbul, where we have set the first direct contacts and traced the guidelines of collaboration. I'm glad that now we are already talking about the possibility of achieving concrete projects in the area of standardization, that is now in a large process of reformation and modernization, " sustained the Minister of Economy.

The president of IST undertakes a working visit between March 5 to March 8 in Moldova and has scheduled bilateral meetings with the leadership of the National Center of Accreditation MOLDAC, the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization Institute of Moldova and other state institutions, during which they will discuss aspects of bilateral cooperation, development and implementation of various programs and projects in the field, etc.


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