Tudor Ulianovschi: Professional diplomats feature promotion of national interests

Moldova is interested in applying Bulgaria's experience in education and training of national diplomatic staff, including on the basis of the Diplomatic Institute in Sofia, which is the main school of staff for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The statement was made today by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Tudor Ulianovschi, during a meeting with the director of the Diplomatic Institute of Bulgaria, Tanya Mihaylova.

According to Minister Tudor Ulianovschi, the experience of development partners in the professional training of diplomatic staff is very important for Moldova, especially now our country is increasingly involved in different regional and international processes through global organizations and platforms.

"Having diplomats with good professional background will help us promote national interests not only in bilateral relations with partners but also  in various international organizations and forums.

"We propose our colleagues in other states who have such experience or various educational platforms to create this diplomatic potential in Moldova", emphasized Minister Ulianovschi.

Tanya Mihaylova welcomed the position of the MFAEI, noting that the formation of a professional diplomatic corps capable of promoting national interests at different levels is the basis for the success of the foreign policy of a state.

 "Every state needs highly qualified staff, both for the diplomatic service and for the public administration authorities in general, because only in this case we can talk about the implementation of development policies and strategies carried out by authorities at different levels" said the director of the Diplomatic Institute in Bulgaria.

In this context, Tanya Mihaylova mentioned that the institution she represents is open to cooperation with the MFAEI. 

The Director of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute held a lecture on young diplomats within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, where he spoke about the training programs and the objectives of the institution they represent, the training courses, etc.

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