Tudor Ulianovschi minister thanked OIM for their support in repatriating Moldovans from Spain

An example of the cooperation between Moldova and the International Organization for Migration is the case of the Moldovans from Spain, who have been repatriated due to this institution. The declaration was made by Tudor Ulianovschi, the Minister of Foreign Investments within his meeting with Lars Lonnback, the chief of OIM Mission to Chisinau.

The officials also discussed about the OIM projects in Moldova, regarding the citizens who come back in the country and get employed here.

In this context, Tudor Ulianovschi highlighted the role of the migration on ONU agenda. The representative of the Moldovan diplomacy mentioned the importance of managing this field and implement the 2030 Agenda for Durable Development.

Lars Lonnback declared that OIM wants to cooperate with the Chisinau authorities and fund the projects initiated in Moldova.


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