Tudor Ulianovschi held official meeting with Marios Georgiadis, vice president pf Greece Parliament

The development of the politic and economical relationship between Moldova and Greece was discussed  by Tudor Ulianovschi and Marios Georgiadis, the vice president of the Greece Republic within a meeting in Athena.

Within the meeting, Tudor Ulianovschi and Marios Georgiadis made an opinion exchange regarding the evolution of the relationship between the countries.  The officials found out that the relationship between the countries registered progress.

In this context, the Moldovan official highlighted the interest of Moldova in strengthening the mutual relationship , inclusively through supporting the common targets and supporting the efforts within the Association Agreement with Moldova. 

"The Republic of Moldova left the European path and gained the free visa regime for its citizens , by signing the Association Agreement. This shows the support we received from Greece to implement our reforms", said Tudor Ulianovschi. 

Referring to the cooperation on the legislative segment, Tudor Ulianovschi appreciated the advanced level of the legal framework between two states, mentioning the signing of 24 bilateral treaties and the negotiation of other nine. At the same time, the head of the Moldovan diplomacy requested the support of the Vice-President of the Greek Parliament for the resumption as soon as possible of the negotiations on the bilateral agreement in the field of social security, which is of major importance to the community of Moldovan citizens established or working in Greece.

In turn, Vice-President Marios Georgiadis reiterated the support of the Greek authorities for the European path of the Republic of Moldova and the sustainable development projects of the country, initiated by the Government of Chisinau, expressing its conviction that the extension and deepening of the bilateral relations will benefit both states and their citizens. "As a partner country, Greece is close to the Republic of Moldova since the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU, giving all the necessary support in achieving the country's strategic European integration objective. Furthermore, the Hellenic Republic will fully support the European path of the Republic of Moldova ", emphasized the Vice-President of the Parliament of the Hellenic Republic in the dialogue with Minister Tudor Ulianovschi.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Moldovan-Greek Parliamentary Friendship Group, Nikolaos Yegoumenidis, members of the Foreign Policy and Defense Committee of the Greek Parlia


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