Truth covered! Chirtoacă asserts how Năstase and Ţopa play Air Moldova scheme

Dorin Chirtoacă comes with evidence that Andrei Năstase, in 2000, helped his godfather, Victor Ţopa to privatize Air Moldova. The two managed to convince the government that they had identified a German investor for the state-owned company, while Ţopa and Năstase were actually the beneficiaries of this scheme, the PL leader said, recalling the state lost 7 million euros as result. 

The German company Unistar Ventures GMBH, which acquired 49% of the shares of Air Moldova in 2000, had German name, German headquarters and German retired administrator but the founders were, in fact, Moldovan. Behind its back was the then Minister of Transport, Victor Ţopa, his wife Ana, as well as their godchild - Andrei Năstase, deputy director of Air Moldova - responsible for legal issues, said Dorin Chirtoacă.

Moreover, according to the PL leader, Victor Ţopa, helped by Andrei Năstase, bought Air Moldova with money stolen from Banca de Economii by the then president Viorel Ţopa.

The first million euros of this amount comes from a BEM bank loan facilitated in 1999-2000 by BEM President Viorel Ţopa, then Victor Ţopa, then brought as an "investment" from Germany. This million euro is not returned until today, writes Dorin Chirtoacă.

Communist leader Vladimir Voronin, who initiated the procedure for nationalization of the company, confirms that he ordered the dismissal of Victor Ţopa from the position of Transport Minister, after catching him with several abuses. Voronin, nevertheless, is talking about another scheme.

"Victor Ţopa created a company with a German institution that to some extent renege the income that had to come to Air Moldova. He was released from all posts for these reasons. He took a part from the passengers who needed to be transported by Air Moldova, took them to this company, and income was theirs. It was illegal for us because we had to develop the state-owned company Air Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, the president of the PCRM, said.

However, Victor Ţopa, helped by Andrei Năstase, managed to persuade judges of the European Court of Human Rights to be victims of the communist regime. Thus, the state lost seven million euros, after an appeal to the ECHR of Năstase's attorney. 

"Millions of euros earned honorably from the backside of people in a state-of-the-art poverty with German companies, etc. There is also a question, how did filters of integrity and meritocracy pass? And how the honor remains which does not make any coins?", asks Chirtoacă.

Following the information presented by the Liberals' president, the Internet users wondered why Liberal Party wanted to ally with the block created by the binomial Sandu-Năstase?

In turn, Chirtoacă replied that he did not know about these things, but the arrogant and unfounded rejection of the liberals in the PAS-PPDA made him think and led him to investigate.

Until this hour, Andrei Năstase did not comment on Dorin Chirtoacă's accusations. In the last post on Facebook, PPDA leader speaks about the corruption and poverty of Moldovans.

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