Trouble follows Bălţi around every corner

The streets of Bălţi cannot be rid of trash, while the melted snow is only causing more troubles for citizens. They claim that over the past few days, the city begun swimming in mud.

Places where the water is gathering created puddles, forcing people to walk through dirty water.

"It is very messy, impossible to keep your shoes clean."

"A very dirty city. It should be cleaned up."

"They should have cleaned the pavement from time and avoid this issue."

The picture is complemented by dumpsters filled to the brim and stray dogs spreading waste on streets. The situation greatly displeases people, who claim that it all happened due to the city lacking a ruler.

"It sometimes takes two, three days for the trash to be taken out. During winter there is no smell, but come summer, you will not be able to stand it. Chaos. Someone must lead a city."

"The whole city is filled with waste. I hate it. At summer the smell is horrible."

"Everything is dirty. The city should be cleaned, because it looks awful."

Before New Years, dozens of employees from Chisinau gathered together with local enterprises from Bălţi and evacuated over 1 000 square meters of waste from the streets, after the City Hall canceled the contract with the company that previously took care of the waste.

The waste issue from Bălţi forced multiple heads of municipal enterprises, as well as deputy mayor, Igor Șeremet, to resign.

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