Trinkets, the spring tradition turned into marketing affair (PHOTOREPORT)

Great bustle in downtown Chisinau. People stormed near the headquarters of City Hall in order to buy trinkets. Merchants are trying to highlight the most original models.

Meanwhile, drivers and pedestrians were taken by surprise by police patrol, which started patrolling the intersections.

Martisor represents the rebirth of nature and the return to life and Moldovans have not forgotten this beautiful tradition.

The tradition is also appealing sellers of trinkets that have lined up the stalls with trinkets of all kinds, some more expensive, some cheaper. However, sellers still cling to a tradition - to complain every year on lower sales.

The first day of spring was celebrated by the students of "Gheorghe Asachi" High School in the capital. Children have arranged an exhibition hall of the institution of trinkets made by themselves.
The event was attended by nearly 400 inspectors.

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