Tree of Life 2018. Calendar featuring all cultural events from Republic of Moldova

Foreign tourists will have an easier time organizing a trip to Moldova. For this aim, for the first time ever, a calendar featuring all cultural events from 2018 will be launched. The calendar "Tree of Life" was created to attract more foreign tourists. The events included on the agenda are supported by USAID, Government of Sweden and Ministry of Education, Culture and Research. 

Anatolie Botnari is one of the organizers of the biggest open air symphonic festival from Moldova. He claims that "Tree of Life" will help this year to gather more foreign tourists interested in art.

"People pass on the information. We post it on social networks. The festival has many friends in Vienna who attended both years. First time we played "Rigoletto". It was attended by around 6 families from Butuceni. They discovered art, not only art, but also our wines" lodging owner, Anatolie Botnaru declared.

The "Tree of Life" calendar includes 28 cultural events, 60% of them taking place in rural areas, allowing the influx of tourists to be directed outside the Capital.

"Tourism brings economic development in regions, if we have 30 tourist it will additionally generate new jobs in the national economy" deputy director of the Moldova Competitiveness Project, Diana Lazăr explained.

"This year we have practically doubled the budget for such events. We hope those events included in the calendar will truly become an attraction for tourists" secretary of state, Andrei Chistol said.

"Four years ago Moldova was one of the least visited country in Europe. Now, all news agencies from the world speak of Republic of Moldova. Our country was included in Top 10 countries that must be visited" manager of USAID programs, Sergiu Botezatu said.

The "Tree of Life" calendar for 2018 will be promoted within international expositions from Romania, Italy, Poland and Germany. Tourists will also be able to inquire information about cultural event at the Tourist Information Center that is visited by 1 500 foreigners every month.

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