Travel agencies from Russia and Belarus visited Moldova to get to know it better

44 representatives from Russian and Belarus travel agencies have arrived to Moldova in order to get to know our country better.

The tour is organized by local agencies, who hope that this way they will be able to increase the number of Russian tourists:

"I wish to see other cities, not only Chisinau. You have multiple historical and cultural monuments. Not to mention the amazing nature."

"I know that you are a happy and warm nation. Your environment here is warmer and richer than in  Ural."

"Within five days we have visited eight wine manufacturers. We will develop this idea."

The program for visitors is rich and diverse. 

"First of all we will tour the city, to show off the Capital. Then we will go to wineries for taste testing, afterwards follows a tour at Old Orhei", leader of a travel agency, Ion Curmei declared.

The guests were also pleasantly surprised by the local food.

"Everything tasted amazing. A lot of vegetables, sun, architecture and kind people."

"The people are very friendly, their food delicious and there is much to see. We will certainly bring tourists here."

The who tour has costed the organizers 10 million euro.

"We have a clear aim, of attracting a clear and constant flow of tourists from Russia", leader of National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova, Gabriel Mărgineanu stated.

According to the Russian Embassy and Moldovan Government, for the first eight months of the year, Republic of Moldova was visited by 140 thousand Russian citizens.

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