Transporters to march against Economy Ministry's false promises

Transporters announce protests against Economy Ministry for discontent with passenger transport tariff adjustment. In a press release, representatives of Association of Transport Operators mentioned the protest on September 12. 

"The theme of this march is related with false promises of Economy Ministry made in the past two days. These circumstances indicate that the ministry tries to lie to us. Around 100 people will rally at Great National Assembly Square on September 12 at 12:00. We will announce which promises of ministry are false and our actions in near future", quoted the statement. 

Up to 74 transport companies are requesting double tariff and tariff per kilometer - 1 leu. These requests are rejected. 

In this condition, the trip to Balti might cost 140 lei, not 65 lei; trip to Cahul - 160 lei. At present, tariff per kilometer is 48 bani. 


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