Transport carriers submit another travel tariff request

The administrators of the municipal routes have submitted today a new request for higher tariff after their last request in January. 

This time, they ask for a raise from 3 to 10 lei but they can accept new tariff 6 lei in the beginning. They invoked many recent increases including more expensive fuel as reason. 

Otherwise, the carriers threaten with protests.

In the letter sent to the managers, the administrators noted that after a month of expectations, they did not receive any eloquent answer regarding the tariff update. 

They say that only the officials from the General Directorate of Public Transport have been notified, but they have requested that additional calculations be presented to them.

Earlier, local authorities rejected the tariff increase request.

The first tariff request was sent on January 14 to the municipal councilors by a group of 14 carrier companies.

The last time the bus tariff was changed was in 2006.



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