Transparency for the media and society promised by Maia Sandu was nothing but a smokescreen and idle talk

Today, Sandu gathered for a discussion NGO representatives, but, surprise!, the meeting was held behind closed doors. PM’s decision bothered even the NGO representatives who said it was essential for them the presence of the journalists at that meeting.
'I want to ask you to be fully open for the press. This Executive has nothing to hide. Everything we do is for the citizens who have to know from the press what this Government does', said the PM, Maia Sandu.

This statement was made by Maia Sandu last week. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. Four days ago, the Government made an announcement inviting NGOs to a meeting with the Prime Minister. The topic was of interest also for journalists. Only that when they got to the Government’s door, the access was restricted. Of course, Maia Sandu found an explanation for that.
'Why is the event held behind closed doors?
-We want to have a frank discussion with the civil society.
-We will provide a press release later'.

The NGO representative told us that they were puzzled by the way the Government avoided the media.
'By the way, we raised this issue during the event, about the presence of the press. For us it was essential the press to be present', said Valentina Bodrug – Lungu, president of the Platform for Gender Equality.

'The press was not allowed to enter. What do you think about that? -For me it is weird, because I actually asked if someone was going to record the event. They told us to record it ourselves with our phones if we want', said Olga Antonova, president of the 'Active Citizen' NGO.

'This question has been asked by 'Occupy Guguta' and Maia Sandu said she took that into consideration. Some of the NGOs have asked for media to come and she promised it would be invited'.

'I think it’s fair for the press to be there, however from what I understood it was the first meeting'.

Maia Sandu's gesture was criticized even by those who openly supported the formation of the ACUM-PSRM alliance and the Sandu Government.
'He has no right to not let you in. I guarantee you. The meeting is an open one, it is public. Forbidding journalists to enter an open meeting is more than interesting'.
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