Transnistrian region drivers face problems at customs clearance

Transnistrian region drivers face challenges at car registration in Moldova. That's because they have no document certifying the ownership demanded by Moldovan authorities.

Institutions in Transnistrian region do not keep the documents of sale for a long time, and now the Chisinau authorities are forced to seek a solution.

According to the Ministry of Finance, drivers do not have documents of origin of the cars. These were submitted to the unrecognized Transnistrian region authorities, and now can not be found.

Currently, the government is seeking a solution to solve the problems. The project should be submitted within two weeks.

New facilities for the registration of cars with foreign number plates entered into force on January 1st..

The amendment provides a 70 percent tax clearance of imported cars until November 1st.

According to data,  from the beginning of the year, over 4,200 cars registered abroad of the approximately 35,000 were cleared. Most are from Lithuania, Bulgaria and France.

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