Transnistrian conflict discussed by PM Pavel Filip and Secretary General of OSCE, Thomas Greminger

Possibilities to advance the relations with Transnistria and to consolidate OSCE mandate in Republic of Moldova, were discussed today by Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Secretary General of the OSCE, Thomas Greminger.

During the talks, Prime Minister accentuated that OSCE, as mediator, is a key partner to our country in solving the issue of Transnistria. The official has reiterated Republic of Moldova's commitment to capitalize the achieved progresses with Transnistria, by implemented all protocols signed in November 2017 in the fields of education, telecommunication, agriculture, as well as aims set in the protocols signed at Berlin (2016) and Vienna (2017).

Pavel Filip said that Chisinau will continue to plead for the establishment of a special legal status in Transnistria, respecting Republic of Moldova's sovereignty and integrity. Another priority was withdrawal of foreign army and ammunitions located in Transnistria, where OSCE's support is crucial.

Ambassador Thomas Greminger in his turn, assured his full support in promoting the regulatory process of the Transnistrian conflict and welcomed solving all problems for the benefit of citizens on both sides of the Dniester.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has appreciated the assistance offered by OSCE in terms of human rights, the rule of law and civil society. Especially was emphasized the importance to interact with Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, due to elections taking place this autumn.

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