Transnistria President Krasnoselsky jumps down President Igor Dodon's throat: Keep promises and don't speculate

President of Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky attended an enlarged session of the so-called foreign ministry yesterday. He accused President Igor Dodon of cheating talking about the successes in the negotiation process.

"President Igor Dodon, with all my respect for him, talks about the success in our relations, about the confidence measures that are being developed, about the problems that have been solved. I officially declare: Neither of the problems have been resolved. The confidence decreases and no successes exist", said Krasnoselsky. 

The Tiraspol leader further reproached Chisinau for being closer to Bucharest, and distant with Moscow and Tiraspol. He also gave some advice to Igor Dodon:

"Igor Dodon should think about the Moldovan language, the history of Moldova, the closed Russian channels, the Russian language, which was stolen in Moldova as the language of interethnic communication. This is what he has to think and do what he promised, don't speculate", the Tiraspol leader stressed. 



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