Training on successful business development organized by AOAM

Several hundred of young people from the center of the country have learned about the most important elements of a successful business. The training has been organized by the Business Association if Moldova, in partnership with the Regional Development Center. The young people say they got motivated and more courageous to implement the ideas and develop a successful business.

The 21-year-old Radu Rotari manages the business of donuts production. He says the AOAM training has help him much.

"I have a start-up business and I wanted to grow and get to know something new."

Other participants say the experience has helped them discover the secret of a successful business.  

"So far, I have received a lot of motivation. At the end of the day, I will go home and start acting"

"I wanted interesting ideas for inspiration and to learn something new. One must always learn and gather ideas"

"I am motivated, because I firmly decided on my idea and I'm looking for ways to do it best"
 "I've got ideas, dreams and determination. It motivates me to start it"

"I am determined to act."

Representatives of the AOAM in Moldova say they have discovered a lot of young potential during training. 

"We want to challenge people on self-confidence, courage to start a business, create jobs here and remain in Moldova, build their future here" , said CEO of AOAM, Andrei Crigan.

Last month, the Business Association in Moldova has organized a similar training, attended by young people from the north of the country.

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