Training course for snipers organized for first time in National Army

A group of militaries of the Regiment with Special Destination (RSD) “Fulger” participates at the training course for snipers, organized in the period of 4-21 July 2016, at the Military Tranining Centre Danceni.

According to the deputy commander of RSD, Major Veaceslav Balan, this training is organized for the first time in the National Army and has the purpose to train militaries from Special Forces in techniques, procedures and strategies regarding involvement and role snipers in a conflict.

The programme of the training, in which are participating 15 militaries from the Special Forces, contains theoretical notions specific to snipers, practical exercises for development of attention, memory and thinking, methods of camouflage and movement of snipers on the field, field training exercises and the sessions of special shooting with the PSL scoped semi-automatic rifle.

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