Train from Chisinau-Iasi route will have a station at Calarasi

The train from Chisinau - Socola (Iasi) will have a station at Calarasi.

Following several calls from the inhabitants, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, asked the CFM administration to find solutions for an additional stop at Calarasi station, the train running on the Chisinau - Socola (Iasi) race, starting with December 9th.

"We have established with the CFM leadership that the train running on the Chisinau - Socola (Iasi) race also stops at the station in Calarasi, which will provide comfort to passengers traveling to Iaşi, saving both time and money. we provide passengers with safe, convenient and cost-efficient travel", said Chiril Gaburici.

The gasket runs on Saturdays and Sundays.

It starts at 06:10 in the capital and reaches Calarasi at 07:02. The price of a travel ticket for the Chisinau - Calarasi segment is 25 lei - for the first class of comfort; 19 lei for class II and 14 lei for third class respectively.

From Calarasi, the train starts at 07:06 and arrives at Iasi at 10:15. The price of a travel ticket for this section varies by class, from 70 to 100 lei / adult. The return will take place at 17:42 in Socola, and at Calarasi the train arrives at 20:44. In the capital, the gasket reaches 21:32.

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