Traian Băsescu set to obtain Moldovan citizenship

Former Romanian President Traian Băsescu keeps the idea of obtaining Moldovan citizenship. At a press conference in Chisinau, the politician said he will appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice the court's decision that left him without citizenship. 

"We will go further, we will have an appeal. We'll see what is the last state of the Supreme Court. I am not the man who succumbs or humbles ideas only because President Dodon wants me not to be a Moldovan citizen. Of course I am unhappy and I find myself wronged, "said Traian Băsescu, former president of Romania.

At the beginning of this year, Chisinau court rejected Traian Băsescu's request. The official wished to annul the document signed in January 2017 by Igor Dodon, who has withdrawn his Moldovan citizenship. 

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