TRAGEDY in dead engineer's family at Horesti aerodrome. His concubine suffered HEART ATTACK on hearing the news

Double tragedy in Ialoveni district. The concubine of the deceased engineer at the Horesti aerodrome died after he learned the news of the man's death. The woman had heart problems, and her heart succumbed.

The engineer died yesterday while repairing a small aircraft.

"The tragedy happened when the man performed the ground technical checkup of the aircraft after repairs, and when the victim started the engine, the ship hit another airplane stationed on the airfield, and after the impact the man died," said Oxana Bodnar, Publika TV reporter.

The man was 60 years old and was legally employed.

"We officially act on the basis of a contract.A ship belonged to a company another ship of the physical person.Without the time we accumulate the necessary evidence after which we will give a correct legal qualification with everything that happened" - said Pavel Damaschin, head of the inspectorate of Police Ialoveni.

Today, the plane could be seen on the aerodrome. However, the guard did not allow the shooting team to gain access to the territory.

The case has also come to the attention of the Labor Inspectorate, which investigates all the circumstances of this tragedy.

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