Tragedy in Chisinau: A man killed after falling off 5th floor balcony as cleaning ice

A 35-year-old Chisinau inhabitant was killed after falling off balcony of his apartment on the fifth floor. 

The man was cleaning the ice and suddenly slipped and fell onto the ground. 

At that time, his wife and children stayed inside the apartment. The wife saw her husband lying on the ground and called immediately the ambulance. Unfortunately, the man had died before the doctors came. 

The incident occurred on the Saturday afternoon in Botanica. 

The employees of the Chisinau Police Department are to determine the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds the Acting Mayor of Chisinau, Silvia Radu announced that City Hall offered citizens ladder trucks to clean the frost and ice. 

People can call the Municipal Central Dispatcher, tel. (022) 22-22-67, (022) 22-26-04. 

Additionally, the City Hall informed the owners or administrators of building would be responsible for the frost removal from their buildings.  

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