Tragedy in Capital! Men passed away after jumping off the 9th floor

A 31-year-old man passed away after jumping off the 9th floor of an apartment block from the Capital. The incident took place last night, around 22:00, on Liviu Deleanu street, Buiucani sector.

According to the police, the victim was native of Chisinau and was visiting his brother who lives in said block. At the moment it is unknown what caused the man to commit such an act. Eyewitnesses claim to have been horrified hearing the man's screams, while hanging from the balcony.

"- He fell down, he was hanged up there, was holding on with his left hand.

- Perhaps you heard him scream?

- Of course he was screaming, most likely to be let go of" a neighbor said.

"He fell on the wires from my balcony, even tore my clothes hanging there, all I could manage was grab some clothes" another neighbor said.

Police is investigating the case.

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