Traffic to Chişinău increases On Gentle-Hearted Easter people return to cities or villages where they spent this celebration

Traffic to Chişinău increases. On Gentle-Hearted Easter people return to cities or villages where they spent the celebration

Road traffic is conducted by the police on the national routes. There was registered an increase of the number of cars which circulate on the majority of the roads entering into the city.
The patrol teams are present on the main circulation roads to insure the fluidizing of traffic at the return of the citizens to home.
The patrol inspectors are on these segments and fluidize the road traffic so that it unfolds in normal conditions.
All the drivers are recommended by the National Patrol Inspectorate, once with their return in the capital, to avoid to park the cars on the margin of the streets or in the yards of the living blocks, because the stopping of these will harden the cleaning of the roads of the trees and electric wires which fell in the last days because of the unfavorable meteorological conditions.
Today is also the last vacation day for the highschool students. The highschool students are recpmmended to circulate on roads with great attention, to temporarily avoid the walks through parks and the street to be passed solely at the intersections conducted by the traffic lights or zebra.
Police reminds the drivers to circulate attentively, to adapt the speed to the meteorological road conditions and to a wet road, to keep the distance between the cars, not to stop in forbidden places, on the routes of means of transport in common, on the sidewalks or in intersections.

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