Traffic light timespan tests creates endless traffic and annoys drivers

Authorities have decided to ease the traffic on Alecu Russo and Nicolae Dimo Streets from the Capital, but so far have only managed to create more traffic. A fact which displeases drivers, as they end up being late for work or school.

For a week the traffic lights will be in test mode. The timespan of the green light was reduced, while those wishing to do a left turn will have to follow the new signs. 

"The green for this stop lights lasts for 82 seconds. Because of this reason, some drivers will have to wait in traffic up to an hour."

This morning, it annoyed the drivers to no end.

"I believe that they should have left it as it was. It never felt that there was traffic, but now it lasts the whole day."

"It's been 15 minutes already. I am late for work."

Last week authorities declared that the National Patrol Inspectorate will figure out the amount of time a green light must be on in order to cease all traffic in the region.

"We are testing various timespan for the stop lights. In the following week we will try to find the optimal time for a more efficient traffic flow" spokesman from National Patrol Inpectorate, Alina Burgez declared.

This morning only, in Chisinau were registered 4 car accidents caused by the rain and reduced visibility. 


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