Traffic fines to be paid directly to cops - Internal Affairs Ministry

An order by Internal Affairs Ministry, which stipulates the simplification of fine collection will be published tomorrow in Official Gazette, informs Moldpres.

According to the order, the simplified receipt will be included in the Nomenclature of the primary document's standard forms with special regime and will contain series and number.

Records of these receipts will be made in accordance with the instruction on Issuance, Preservation and Use of typical forms of Special Primary Documentation.

Besides, fine collecting at the place of contravention will be allowed cash without cash machine and control. 

In new receipts, traffic agents will indicate the date, month, year and place of the offense and the name of the person sanctioned.

The document will be signed by both parties and one copy will be handed to the offender.

According to the Code of Contravention, people  who commit the offense may pay the penalty on the spot.

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