Traffic conditions on Memorial Day

Today, the it will be hard to circulate on the national roads and the entrance in the Capital. The police urges the drivers to obey the driving rules and avoid driving if they are dunk.

"On the Memorial Day, the police works in non-stop regime. The police will patrol on the national roads. Thus, the teams will be placed at the entrance in Chisinau and will monitor the situation", said Liuviu Baziuc, INP chief.

Almost three thousand policemen will patrol on the streets and will provide the public order in the whole country. The patrol inspectors will help the drivers to avoid the places where there are traffic jams.

At the border crossing points there was registered a high number of crossings. This is why, the Border police involved more employees to facilitate the traffic. In the past 24 hours, over 60 thousand persons crossed the border in Moldova.


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